Mobina is an Iranian artist currently living and working in San Francisco. She grew up in Iran where she pursued a variety of her interests in art by completing a B.A. in Theatre at Fine Art Tehran University, and an M.A. in Art and Design at Art University Tehran; before moving to London where she awarded a Ph.D. in Creativity at City University London. 

Mobina’s artworks are deeply rooted in traditional calligraphy and poetry. Her pieces are often created in collaboration with international poets and photographers. Her works blend calligraphy, poetry, and photography. These richly emotive and layered compositions explore connections between forms of body and words of poetry.


Calligraphy is a state of Zen for me. I completely loose myself and my ego disappears. Writing is a channel for me to express the mystery of my spirit and the poetry is the deepest reflection of that. I am writing on nude bodies to represent that spirit through body, a naked soul and sacred home for a spirit. For me the body is the purest form of temporal nature. And the soul is the highest eternal form of nature. I am adding soul to bodies. I try to express the mystery of love through words of poetry. I do not think while I am writing poems, I just think about poem itself. My fascination is letting words repeating and repeating to transmit the infinity.  They are from higher realm and I am trying to explore myself through them.  What I am seeking is not the seen and not the unseen but rather the mystery of unconscious mind. One of the most powerful and mysterious human’s emotion is Love. Love in any form has a strong drive to create, destroy and rebuild. Love is rooted in our unconscious mind and unknown for our logical mind. My work is about love. Love comes in many forms and can create peace, pleasure and meaning in life and sometimes shame, jealousy and revenge. what I am exploring is the boundary between forbidden and acceptable, between the seen and the unseen. Because I believe what we cannot see might hold the answers to our questions. 



2016 PhD, City University London

2008 MA, Tehran Art University 

2005 BA, Tehran Art University


2019 Her Banned Voice, Brava Theatre, San Francisco, USA

2019 Textures & Patterns, SF women gallery, San Francisco

2019 ArtSpan Auction, SOMArt, San Francisco, USA

2018 Synesthesia, Minnesota Street Projects, San Francisco, USA

2018 Art and Design collaboration, THE SPACE by ADVOCARTSY, Los Angeles, USA

2018 Body and Art, SOMArt, San Francisco, USA

2018 Pars Equality Live Auction, Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, USA

2018 Omid Foundation Live Auction, San Francisco, USA

2018 Have Your Heard Us Yet? AbramsClaghorn Gallery, Albany, USA

2018 The only Truth is Music, Mauro Ffortissimo Studio, Half Moon Bay, USA 

2017 The Mystery of Words and Lines, Live Worm gallery, San Francisco, USA

2017 Nowrouz, City Hall, San Francisco, USA

2017 Pars Equality Live Auction, San Francisco, USA

2016 Words of love, Prince of Wales studio, London, UK

2016 Orangery and poems, Hay Hill, London, UK


2019 Juror’s choice, SF Women Artists, San Francisco, USA

2013 Creativity Awards, Emotional Design, Krakow, Poland

2011 PhD Scholarship in Creativity, City University London, London, UK


I invite you to soften the gaze, quiet the mind, allows yourself to enter a receptive state and let these words speak directly to your subconscious. These poems are not written to be read, they are here to be felt. Feel the rhythm, repetition, emptiness, fullness and the visual melodies of music. This is not a normal poetry book that you can open and read. In fact, the mystery of the words is part of the whole experience. These poems are a channel to infinity.